Can You Profit From Costco Salvages and how can you GET Costco salvage items

Published: 08th August 2009
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It's the modern day quest that captures thousands - how to find an idea wholesale supplier with great products to retail. The internet is awash with information about where to go and what to do, but who can you really trust and how do you know that you're getting a good deal?

One of the most popular searches in recent times has been to discover a Costco salvage company. Basically, a Costco salvage company is a liquidator that buys excess Costco stock in bulk and resells it to retailers at a discount price. We all know the great quality of products that are available in Costco, so if you are able to cash in on that action and purchase them at discount, you can see why it seems like a pretty good idea.

So let's take an example of a scenario - Costco returns what happens to the items? When you return an item to Costco because it doesn't work, or you just don't like it; instead of trying to resell the item - they simply allocate these to a returns bin located in their own warehouse. Because they are such a large company, they have set arrangements with wholesale liquidators to purchase all their returns in bulk. Typically, a liquidator would pay as little as two per cent of the original purchase price to take these items from Costco.

When you see advertisements for a Costco salvage company, you should first understand that you will be getting a very good deal on the price that you are going to pay. However, generally speaking what happens to the items is that they are resold in bulk and you won't know exactly what you are purchasing until it arrives. You may find that as much as 50% of the items are damaged and unsellable, while the others may have minor faults.

One good point to note however, is that although not all the items may be sellable to your direct customers, there are parties who are interested in purchasing damaged goods. For example, an electrician may be interested in a bulk purchase of faulty electrical goods, as they will be able to make the necessary repairs and sell them on to their own customers at profit. So it's important that you think of where you can make yourself a profit before dismissing items as being junk.

When you realize that the items that you have purchased may cost you as little as five per cent of the retail price, you can see that even if you did only sell items which were in perfect condition, you would still be able to make a profit.

Your wholesale liquidator will be happy to give you more advice about purchasing Costco salvage company returns; and many give a brief description of the sorts of items that are contained within the bulk lots. Not only do these wholesalers deal in Costco returns, you may also be able to grab yourself a bargain from overstock supplies, which are in perfect condition to resale. Utilizing these methods of sourcing can make for an extremely profitable way to run your business.

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